About Us

Avrora is a company based in Samsun, Turkey, the primary purpose of which is to provide consultancy services in the field of health. Avrora is an international health care and consulting company that is committed to providing the highest standards of medical treatment in Turkey by combining the safest and most effective treatments with low-cost options for patients all over the world.

Avrora chooses the doctor and hospital where the patient can receive the best service depending on the disease process. Avrora conducts the necessary preliminary interviews with the doctor whom has chosen for the treatment of the disease in behalf of patient. Avrora guarantees the most effective treatment outcomes and the lowest cost for treatment.

We are aware of the CHALLENGES of receiving health care in a different country and a foreign culture. That is why we stand by our patients at any moment to ensure that our patients feel that they are at home and not alone.

Why AVRORA then?

a) Avrora offers patients who desire to receive care in Turkey high-quality, affordable medical services.

b) Due to its contracts with more than 100 hospitals, Avrora is more than one type of institution.

c) Avrora provides its patients with the most precise course of treatment after considering the advice of numerous medical professionals.

d) Avrora ensures that patients can easily access this group of specialists by collaborating with hard-to-reach medical professionals from around the world to give the best care.

e) Avrora offers 24/7 care and makes its patients feel at home while receiving treatment in Turkey.

f) Avrora monitors all patients' medical progress after they are discharged from the hospital and return home country and if necessary, Avrora sends the patient any information the patient might need from the doctor who provided the treatment.

g) Avrora doesn't charge anything for the analysis of the preliminary tests.

h) Avrora is required to offer medical care in all areas associated with the patient's ailment.

i) We follow you about your treatment throughout your life.